HOTO 2014  

written by KateG

The skies above Moon Township are now dark as the wind begins to swirl.   
I will we be outside in a storm tonight thinking what a silly girl.  

Thanks to our team for stepping up to be or help find coxswains.  Special thanks to Eva, Joanne and Susan for coxing and thanks to Danielle Millet, Emily Gample and Philip Ferland for signing on to support our events.

-- W. Lomicka

Friday registration

The leaves are quickly falling
The rain soon to be pelting
As the temperature drops
We will add more tops
Thinking " why can't we be in the building."  -- J. Anderson

Just drove through bad weather in Columbus.  That will sure to be in Pgh among us.  High winds, and a hard downpour will test out strength all the more. -- K. Kashmer

From downtown window watch
Race buoys dropped from launch
Wishing hip was now all healed
To take on that wet field
With women who rain can’t staunch.
Good luck!!  -- J. Meder

Moving to Haiku format because limericks are hard (hats off)…………

Masters women rock
Smiling in the pelting rain
Weather rain or ………..rain  -- S. Mikesic

When HOTO brings rain, wind and hail,
Through whitecaps our rowers must sail.
Despite lack of sun,
When we pull as one,
With teamwork, we'll always prevail!  -- K. Ke


Ode to HOTO  

written by Unknown

Friday morning dawns soft and warm,
the Allegheny in beautiful form.
Saturday's HOTO brings wind, rain and cold
is not just a myth that is frequently told.
For this regatta it's the norm!


Mixed feelings Masters Mix Up  

written by Unknown

Congratulations to those MW who participated in last Saturday's Masters' Mix Up.  It was just for fun and it seems those involved had had enough.  Plenty of other activity going on among those of us not mixing it up.  Nothing like a free morning to highlight the diversity of our team.

Outdoor activities were prevalent.  Some went . . .

While others took the opportunity to do some additional rowing.  Including up to the dam . . .

. . . but maybe not this one.

Others took to the ergs and punished themselves with a 4x2k (oh freakishly strong little woman who shall remain nameless  . . . why, oh why . . . ) and . . .

We attended conferences . . .

. . . and planned celebrity studded galas.

(Yes, they were there.  They are everywhere.  They put the "YOU" in ubiquitous, the ME in the "It IS all about . . . ")

There was apparently a day-long whining event in Oakmont . . . (and Squirrel Hill, Highland Park, and Forest Hills although Forest Hills probably sucked it up better than most)

 . . . and a swim meet in Philadelphia (that's our team member, second from the right, the one with attitude).

One of our team members spent the day catching up on her DVRd coverage of the death of Joan Rivers because nothing says R&R like coverage of someone going to THEIR final rest.

Several "rode quads."

which was kind of a surprise as they didn't seem like 4-wheelin' kind of gals.  Oh, wait . . .

And that's what we were doing as the Masters Mixed it up.


Master's Mixup  

written by KateG

Masters Mixup is a good time for reflection ...

New boats were christened - the Steve Irwin, Shawnee and Rev. Jon O'Brien, SJ.  We row in the shadow of those who came before us, from the Shawnee tribes who first rowed the Allegheny, to more recent club members and national champs, to professional "triple threats" (clergy, lawyer, doctor).

The races are made up of color coded teams with members from each of TRRA masters' teams.  There are two sprint heats and a head race around the island.

Progression of events/corresponding thoughts:

Before the start - weather looks bad, never rowed with these people, it's just for fun, no big deal.

At the start, Heat #1- 3 seat never raced, doesn't know what a starting sequence is.  Going to be a long day.

500 m of choppy hard rowing, one seat off track, one crab.  DFL.

Heat #2: row to starting line feels worse than Heat #1, is that even possible?

Crisp start, neck and neck ... What is going on here?

Mid point still close?!

Miracle happens, timing good, swinging together WALKING UP THE LEAD BOAT.


Aaaaaannnd ... The medals (cue Lets Make A Deal Fail Music)

It was just for fun after all!

Some random shots 


Team Breakfast  

written by KateG

The Gang's All Here!

We had a lot to celebrate today.

End of Sprint Season and reunited after a 2 week break.

Potential new tam members joining us for Open Row.

Welcome to our new assistant coach, Daniel Goldblum.

Some of it was bittersweet - we sent our Cassie off to pursue her Master's degree at The University of Minnesota. Cassie has been our coach, cheerleader and friend for a over a year now. She was with us at zero dark thirty for practices through the long, cold winter, and she saw that training pay off for us in sprint season. She introduced some of us to a workout called Teti's Trauma - and yes it is as traumatic as it sounds!  She always had a word of encouragement and a smile to keep us going.

Thank you Cassie!

Thanks were also given to our super coxes Jessie and Allura - these are two young ladies who will take the world by storm. Have a good school year girls - and come back anytime (PLEASE!!!).

We also acknowledged the contribution of our teammates who coxed at races - Rebecca, Joanne, Toby, Zuzana and Vern (and anyone I may have missed).

Here are some photos from Maureen (who did such a nice job that she will definitely be asked to be photographer for future events).




written by Unknown

O Megan!  Why hast thou forsaken us?  Why are we left to aimlessly wander the water?  Rowing in singles, in doubles, the occasional quad, rudderless, directionless, coachless . . . O Meg!  Do you not know that idle oars are the devil's workshop?  Why are we left to consider a row through the locks of the Allegheny (really Zuzana??), or to drift downstream through the right hand arch of the 40th St. Bridge (so wrong, so wrong, we can hear Megan, "downstream through the center arch, THEN cut over if you have to go in the top of the channel")?  And for what, I ask, for what?  For biking?  Time for yourself, with your husband, to recharge and refresh??  Megan, oh Megan, what are you?  European??  Some of us, we won't name names, have begun to look with envy on EMM and covet their coach Nate.  Yes, it's come to that and it is scary.  We are here, Megan, on the erg, in small boats, lifting weights to make our muscles scream as we would scream for our coach, if only she would hear.  O Megan!


Diamonds 2014--Sartorial edition  

written by Unknown

Diamonds starts each day of the regatta with the plaintive wail of Scottish bagpipes--incentive to row faster to flee the funereal tone set by the music.

Once our ears stopped bleeding and we'd recovered from our music-induced depression, team members noted how just about everyone had embraced the 'kicky little skirt' suggestion from the start of the season.  Kate took it to a new level by introducing the 'kicky little dress' option.

One piece, no buttons or embellishments, found in the bin targeting the Amish rowing community who eschew anything fancy.  Kate accessorized her new dress with a plaid fanny pack (detail below) which we are told are no longer just for the Rockport-wearing, Europe-touring elderly American crowd.  At least according to Kate.  As soon as I see Kim Kardashian wearing one, I'm there.

The day dawned threatening and a little wet and grassy, and only the youngest among us was smart enough to come prepared with kick ass Wellies.  (Rain) hats off to you Jessie, who styles her wellies with a coordinating cox box.  Cutting edge.

Twins separated at birth, Kathy and Kate, happily found each other again through rowing.  So many life parallels and coincidences, it just became self-evident.  But that's a story for another time.  Here we catch Kate whispering to sister Kathy, 'sweetie, those are straps, they go on your shoulders."  Her teammates, however, salute Kathy's innovation--the strapless uni--and look forward to its availability in the Boathouse team store.

Remember, if we can't win, we can at least look good losing.  And really, what else matters?

Finally, many of our younger rowers noted that some of the older women we were rowing against looked rather like, well, men.  Oh you young, nubile girls, you don't yet know that menopause can be oh so cruel.  Case in point, the napping rower below from Carnegie Lake.  My advice to her, hormone replacement therapy.  I'd rather live a few years less than live them looking like her.

Row row row,